In 2007, a stakeholder-led management planning process was initiated to address issues with the regional groundwater resources in southeast Manitoba and to develop the Southeast Regional Groundwater Management Plan (SRGMP). The planning area included lands north from United States border to Lake Winnipeg and the Winnipeg River, and east from the Red River to a boundary approximately defined by a line from Sprague to East Braintree.

The planning process was anticipated to take about three years to complete and was conducted by a Groundwater Management Planning Group comprised of stakeholder organizations and representatives from the Provincial and Federal government. Manitoba Water Stewardship - Planning and Coordination Branch coordinated the planning process.

The goal of the planning process was to develop a Groundwater Management Plan that identified groundwater management issues, provided recommendations to address the issues, established a strategy to implement the plan, and provided guidance with regards to sustainable groundwater management for the next 10+ years.

The planning group completed the draft SRGMP in December 2009 and accepted public input and comments during three Open Houses held in January 2010. In early 2010, the planning group reviewed and discussed the input and comments received at the Open Houses, and agreed to incorporate some of these into the plan. In mid-March, the planning group once again reviewed the revised plan and agreed to have it sent out to all members of the planning group for final comments and buy-in. Upon reviewing the final comments, the planning group is expected to finalize the SRGMP and forward it to the Minister of Water Stewardship for final review and comment.

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